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A flagship brand of Premier Foods, Mr Kipling is one of the largest UK suppliers of ambient grocery products.

...and they really do make exceedingly good cakes!

Monochrome was asked to to migrate the Mr Kipling website from it's exsiting CMS platform and bring it in line with modern design practices.

When briefing the team the timelines were tight from the outset, but I have been very happy with their work. The look and feel of the site is great and very much on-brand and I have also been very pleased with their commitment to delivering this project on time.
Nancy Sadler,
Mr Kipling Senior Brand Manager

The Brief

To migrate the Mr Kipling website from the legacy CMS running on an old Adobe Coldfusion based CMS called Shado CMS to bring it in-line with modern web technologies and the Microsoft .Net framework.

To refresh the design with a new responsive enabled layout to work across desktop, tablet and mobile browsers inline with a new TV advertising campaign.

Empower the Premier Foods internal team to update content and new Mr Kipling product ranges via the CMS and utilise the power of the EMS tools to better understand their users and traffic to the website.

Implement and integrate social media feeds from twitter & facebook to build brand awareness.

To clearly identify nutrition and ingredient information to the user for each cake product across all the ranges in a consistent manner in-line with legal requirements for Food Information Regulations 2014 (FIR).

The Challenges

Ability to integrate a fully custom UI design with tight branding guidelines on images and typography across the site in a fully responsive manner to work across desktop tablet & mobile devices

Tight deadlines to deliver the project within the Kentico EMS in-line with a hard deadline driven by a multi million pound TV advertising campaign.

A highly scalable solution able to cope with high spikes of user traffic activity driven from the TV and on-line marketing campaigns

Build a consistent and scalable admin interface and document types objects to hold all of the product & nutrition information for Mr Kipling with a view to re-utilising these components with other brands within the Premier Foods group.

The Solution

Utilising Kentico Monochrome implemented a highly visual creative UI design with strict branding guidelines and a fully responsive fluid grid to work across desktop, mobile & tablet devices utilising the Kentico Master/Child templates, Web Forms & modern front end javascript frameworks

We built a number of web parts and document types (now page types) to hold the structure of the products and nutrition information in a consistent manner within Kentico which we could then utilise across the other Brands within the Premier Foods Group using the Kentico API.

Monochrome integrated social media feeds utilising Twitter and Facebook APIs and used custom tables within Kentico to store the meta data and images.

We used custom CSS theming on a per-range and per-product basis, leveraging LESS using a pre-processor to compile and minify the generated CSS, this increased our front end workflow efficiency immensely and allowed us to dynamically generate CSS using LESS mixin libraries and variables.

The team consisted of 3 front end developers and two Kentico .NET backend developers and was delivered within a tight 2 month deadline in-line with a TV advertising campaign.

The Conclusion

The new Kentico Mr Kipling website went live on the 27th Aug 2014 to coincide with a multi million pound TV advertising and Social Media campaign featuring a pink elephant! The website and campaign were well received and deemed as a huge success a measurement of the Google Analytics is set out below:

  • Increase in daily traffic by 300% average daily visitor sessions up from 150 to 450+ sessions per day, total sessions for 1 month from go live 27th Aug 16300 sessions
  • Increase in average visitor duration by 200% from 1 minute to 2 minutes
  • Increase in unique visitors on the website from 72 per day to 400 per day
  • Decrease in the website’s bounce rate from 81.5% to 53.5%
  • Increase in traffic for mobile and tablet devices 35% ie 5781 sessions of the 16300 tracked for the month from go live originated from mobile/tablet devices proving that the responsive layout had been a huge success

We had an incredibly tight deadline to work to due to a high profile, co-inciding TV advertising and marketing campaign. The site was designed to support the relaunch and refresh of this famous brand and introduce new streamlined product ranges.

The site is fully responsive and fully editable using the Kentico CMS. Our designers had a great time working on this project and were given the freedom to be creative with the UI, whilst maintaining the simple ease of use that is essential to the success of any website.

Monochrome wanted to achieve pixel perfect designs promoting Hovis’s brand strategy and ultimately create an immersive interactive/animated website with UX as the primary driver to engage the user utilising the latest modern website design patterns & Front End Frameworks.

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