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We are an award winning, UK based Ruby on Rails development agency.

Monochrome has over seven years experience developing scalable, database-driven web applications using the Ruby on Rails framework.

Rails is incredibly versatile and we have used it to develop form-driven applications, data dashboards, content management systems, e-commerce websites and investment platforms.

Experience has proven that Rails empowers our team to deliver projects in shorter timeframes without compromising the quality of our work.

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Nutmeg Finance

Project Duration: 18 months

We were approached by Nutmeg to assist in the development of their investment manager tool. They had a number of very specific requirements and were considering how best to approach building the software required for the service, and whether development should be outsourced, kept in-house or involve a mixed team.

Rails was the perfect solution for this web application. Monochrome deployed the POC, demonstrated the effectiveness of the technology stack and our strengths as an application solution provider. We were awarded the contract to deliver the main application.

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DECC 2050 Calculator

Project Duration: 3 months

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (Formally the DECC) approached Monochrome to design and develop a CO2 emissions calculator, to simulate the effects of changes to energy supply and demands to our national CO2 levels by 2050.

As a nation the UK has a CO2 reduction target of 80% by 2050 compared to those levels in 1990. Monochrome to the rescue!

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Dixons Carphone

Project Duration: 6 months

Monochrome were called upon to assist in the development of a unique Lift & Learn based information wall to assist in the sales of digital SLR cameras.

Dixons Carphone were looking at new way to revolutionise the customer experience and empower those customer with new ways to interact with their products and the environment in store

The display features two walls of six screens. The bright, bold and engaging "Attract Loop" prompts customers to both pick up a camera and take photos with it.

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Legal and General

Project Duration: Ongoing

Monochrome are in the process of developing a Lifetime Mortgage Calculator for Legal & General.

The main deliverable will be a hosted web application, developed using the Ruby on Rails framework, that will allow the calculator to be embedded on specific web pages.

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