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Monochrome are leading experts in software & application development.

We've been building web applications and bespoke software for over 18 years and have a proven track record of delivering solutions that drive genuine value and a positive ROI to our customers.

Whatever your preferred programming language, Monochrome almost certainly has an in-house expert with the experience to advise, implement and deliver on your requirements.

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Ruby On Rails

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is an open source framework for building database driven web applications. It enables agile development by favouring convention over configuration, leaving us to worry about how your application works rather than how the code works.

Our experienced Ruby on Rails developers can take a project from its conception to a working application very quickly, allowing us to show our clients how their website is going to work at an early stage in the project so that their feedback can be used to make changes before too much time has been invested.

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Back-end Technology

Phoenix Framework

Phoenix is a web framework built with the Elixir programming language and is quickly gaining favour within our development team.

Much like Ruby On Rails, Phoenix offers both productivity and speed and as such it is fast debunking the myth that you have to sacrifice performance in order to increase productivity.

Elixir, Phoenix's parent platform, is built on the Erlang VM and is used for building low-latency, fault-tolerant, distributed systems, which are increasingly necessary qualities of modern web applications.

Back-end Technology


Ideal for buiding single page apps, AngularJS is a JavaScript-based, front-end web application framework that greatly simpifies both the development and the testing of rich Internet applications.

Monochrome has an experienced and diverse in-house development team that is highly skilled in this powerful open-source framework.

Front-end Technology


Vue.js is productive, scalable and flexible. It allows us to quickly put together exciting user interfaces to work with any serverside technology.

Front-end Technology


Elixir is a functional, concurrent, general-purpose programming language that runs on the Erlang virtual machine (BEAM).

Our diverse in-house development team is actively building project in this powerful language.

Back-end Technology


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